About me

About me

Humor writer, marketing writer

Besides Explode, my writing credits include an essay published in the (print) anthology Laugh Your Shorts Off by Margie Culbertson (https://goo.gl/PXBT9W), and online publication of a bunch of job search articles, humorous essays and fiction on the now-defunct Yahoo Voices.  I’ve also written a few screenplays and produced a couple of comedy shorts.

I’ve done marketing communications writing for organizations in the Boston area, Philadelphia and Springfield (Massachusetts). Copywriting, social media, email marketing, and website content management are all part of my repertoire.

I have a Master’s in Career Development and a Bachelor’s in Music Therapy. What the hell is Music Therapy, you ask? Well, since it isn’t really relevant to the info on this site, let me just say — Google it.

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