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1.  It doesn’t work as well by yourself.

2.   It’s not all about you and your fantasies.

3.   If you send a generic form letter to the one you’re interested in, it’s worth crap.

4.   When romancing a prospect, if you look like a slob, you won’t get any.

5.   If you act like you’re just looking for anything, all bets are off.

6.   If you think it’s not a match, sleep on it.

7.   If you arrive empty-handed, you’re screwed. And not in a good way.

8.   If you forget you have something scheduled that day, it ain’t good.

9.   If you give a sh*t at all, you need to follow up the next day.

10.  If you try too hard, it’ll probably back up on you like a 2-day-old onion burger.