Ten Ways a Job Interview is Like a First Date

Posted: 02/22/2011 in Interviewing
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1.   If you have big yellow sweat stains on your shirt, your first will be your last.

2.   You don’t want to just blurt out anything that comes into your head.

3.   An hour late — not good.

4.   Sizing each other up is what it’s about.

5.   Uncontrolled body noises are frowned on.

6.   Preparation helps.

7.   You don’t want to just blather on about yourself without giving a flying toenail about the other person.

8.   Grabbing a boob in greeting will probably get you thrown out.

9.   If you whine about your ex, you’ll blow it.

10.  If you call them by the wrong name, forget it.

  1. SandySays1 says:

    A couple more my human says you might want to add (’cause he used to hire folks)
    11. Show up smelling worse than a Velda Farms dairy barn.
    12. Ask about the vacation and sick leave before you ask about what you’ll be doing.
    13. Males that ask if your secretary is as hot as she looks.
    14. Females who work in their bust size into the conversation.
    15. Scratching places that shouldn’t be scratched in public.

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