More Ridiculous Job Interview Questions

Posted: 05/22/2011 in Interviewing
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Interviewers still occasionally try to see how creative they and you can be with  “Think on Your Feet” (and sometimes on your head) interviews. What is a “Think on Your Feet” interview, you ask? Well, remember the movie “The Running Man” (yes, with your good buddy and mine, Ahhhhnold), which depicted a sadistic game show in which criminals were hunted down by professional stalkers? Well, it’s not like that.

Here are a few wacky “Think on Your Feet” interview questions:

  • If you were a hamburger, what topping would be on your bun?
    Not sure it really matters how you answer this one, as long as you don’t say, “You.”
  • If I were to look in your kitchen cabinets, what would I see?
    If you don’t care about burning your bridges, you can say, “One hundred cans of corned beef hash in case of the apocalypse, and a package of moldy Cheez-its.”
  • If Hollywood made a film about you, what actor – alive or dead – would play you?
    Probably not, “Bela Lugosi, since my former colleagues found me kinda creepy.”
  • If you were a salad, what flavor would your croutons be?
    Bad answer: “Onion and garlic, ‘cuz that’s how I always smell.”
  • If I were to ask your seventh-grade teacher about you, what would he say?
    Really bad answer: “Who? Oh, the pot-head.”
  1. Nic says:

    I think the worst interview questions are the “Which character from such-and-such a franchise would you be?” Asking which vegetable/mineral/animal you’d be, fine. Still annoying but at least it’s fairly open-ended. Ask about a character from a franchise and you’re assuming that they’re familiar with that franchise. Stupid at best and downright insulting at worst.

    During her graduate jobs hunt my sister got asked which character from Friends she’d be and she’d never seen it. (Still hasn’t). She didn’t get the job, probably down to the fact that she asked how the question pertained to the role.

    Don’t think she was disappointed though. We actually went out for a meal to celebrate that particular rejection.

    • Laurie says:

      Wow, I’ve never heard of an employer asking about franchise characters. Did they mean like Ronald McDonald? Pretty out there.

      Glad your daughter wasn’t upset about the “Friends” fan rejection – sounds like it wasn’t a fit. I’m sure she got – or will get, if she hasn’t yet – an offer from a great company not as preoccupied with her TV habits.

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